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The right front-to-back framework is the stability that allows your performance engine to fire on all cylinders. Even better, it will  prepare your employees to set a leading pace with innovative solutions for tomorrow's economy. Combine this with an effective development program and you have an organization built to last. Like compounding interest, investing in your team can be rewarded with 218% higher revenue per employee. 

Build a  playbook with clear steps to recover and thrive without wasting resources or energy. Your program will stand out from the rest. 

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Engagement Assessment

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Employee engagement is not measured in perks, incentives, or a contemporary work environment. It is the connection an employee feels to the work and vision of their organization. Engagement, or lack thereof, translates into big money. The reality, only 34% of workers are engaged. How do you know if your employees are among them?

Have confidence in your organization’s level of engagement and experience measurably better results.

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Employee Turnover Calculator

Employee turnover is costing you more than just experience. When an employee leaves, productivity declines, resources are stretched, and money is spent to onboard a replacement. It's no wonder 87% of employers said that improving retention is a critical priority for their organization. Is your organization one of them?

Some great news, 75% of turnover causes are preventable.  We are experts at onboarding the right people and  putting you back in control of your employee retention.

How much is
turnover going to
cost your business
and impact

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Your business - Collaborative. Confident. Clear.  Start experiencing your full potential. The Performance Operating Engine™ is like a tailor-made express lane to stability and operational efficiency. 

Operating engine™

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Remove the anxiety of an unclear future by giving your team the right framework to overcome barriers.  With our virtual or in-person solutions, you can find answers and take action on solutions in days not months. 

Innovation and
Creative Problem Solving

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These are the programs forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs, like you, are using to dramatically increase business momentum.  Have confidence in your team  and capture the power of an aligned organization. 

People Development and Business Culture

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– Lauren Hebert, Inworks
CU Denver

“Derek and Zach are superb facilitators who blend a human-centered approach with their deep expertise, creating programs that launch people—and ideas that really matter—into the world at full speed.”

- Wayne Schell, Co-Founder
MOST Programming

"The Relentum workshop conducted by Derek and Zach was the best, by far, that I have ever attended. And there have been many. Their guidance and knowledge led us through the why of a business, to customer segments, value propositions, channels, key activities, partners and key resources. They helped us paint a picture, a canvas, combining vision and strategy. We found a pathway to a clarity of key actions to grow our business and serve our employees and customers…a great experience.”

- Eric Collier, Founder 
Overland Discovery 

"As a young, growing business the day to day operations can put you in scramble mode and make it difficult to focus on the big picture and strategy. With Relentum's tailored sessions, we were able to develop and solidify foundational components of our business (mission statement, vision statement, values etc.) which have enabled us to make the right decisions as we continue to focus on the needs of our customer base and executing our vision."                                                                                                                          

- William Fischer, Co-founder

“When you’re in startup mode, it feels like everything is urgent, which can paralyze decision making. Derek and Zach have an uncanny sixth sense for hesitation or resistance and cut through it instantly. They make it so clear what you need to do next that you can’t help but do it.” 

- Matt Schifferle, Founder
Red Delta Project 

 "As a small business owner, nothing makes it easier to achieve success like creating a clear message for your customers. The Prevail workshop has done more for helping me craft a concise message of value for my customers, in a much faster, and easier way to any other method I've ever tried before. I was facing a lot of burn out and frustration, but now have more motivation and hope for a bright future for the first time in years."                                                                                                                     

- Haley Steinert, Clinical Research Operations Manager, University of Colorado Anschutz, Dept. of Neurology 

"The Prevail leadership workshop by Relentum was one of the best leadership workshops I have attended. Not only did Prevail demonstrate the concepts in action, but the workshop also taught us leaders how to implement the concepts and tools for our teams.  I have already implemented several of the learning and training tools with my team and had outstanding reception, success, and results. Having a degree in organizational leadership causes me to look for good leaders everywhere I go, and I can honestly say that Derek and Zach are brilliant leaders!"

We are long past the industrial age, so leadership training, team building, and business strategy should be too.

Stay ahead of the wave with solutions that get you looking forward, ready for tomorrow! 

Meaningful content is great, but if it is forgotten within a few weeks, the value is gone.

Our crafted programs are founded in the principles of learning theory. Not only will you get awesome content, but it will stick!

We believe life is better without solution fatigue. That's why we fix the cause not the symptom. 

Get to the root of your problems, pinpoint the cause(s), and build solutions that last!

Like craft beer, our engagements are built with purpose and passion. Everything is small batch.

Your organization is not cookie cutter, your solutions shouldn’t be either. Get solutions crafted  to your needs!

Stand out from the crowd with a crafted approach!

Custom crafted

Engage from the root up

Founded in Learning Theory

Contemporary solutions

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