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Find relevant momentum in your personal and professional life. 

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PREVAIL™ and Creative SuperPower™ are operating systems for daily life.  These modern programs help you gain and maintain relevant momentum, both personally and professionally. 

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98% of our 2019 graduates reported PREVAIL changed their life! How? We've combined decades of experience empowering people within the corporate world, partnerships in higher education, military leadership,  and the latest science-backed research, to deliver a program unlike any other. 

It's time to get your momentum back and live the life you want.  

You will be learning how to:

Move forward with focus and direction through adversity
Take control of stress and bounce forward
Expand your emotional intelligence 
Live confident in your own skin and perform at your best

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There's no need to ponder what's next. Remove the anxiety of problem solving and discover what's possible when you are empowered with science-backed tools, resources, and a strong creative mindset.  It's easier than you think. 

Reinvigorate and capitalize on your creative superpowers.  

You will be learning how to:

Recognize and diagnose challenges differently 
Adapt to change quickly by uncovering growth opportunities 
Solve tough problems with sustainable solutions 
Respond to personal and professional needs


"I was attracted to the Prevail workshop for many reasons, with a primary goal to better support our project management team. I walked away with a new appreciation of the learning process, along with a deep connection to the calling description. Both concepts of already dramatically changed the lives of people in my department, and they have helped me understand my personal calling description in a truly fulfilling way. Lastly, as a professional researcher, I was encouraged that the content presented was based on solid research and findings, which provides a foundation for results."                                                                                                                         

Brooke Valdez,
Director at University of Colorado Anschutz Department of Neurology

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