We believe in leaving a legacy of service and positive change.  

that is driven to help people like you find relevant momentum and growth opportunities that empower personal and professional success. 

We are a playful team

People feel safe, confident, and equipped to pursue their passions.

A world without ceilings, where visibility is unlimited, and we realize the best humanity has to offer.

We envision a world where...

We inspire and nurture the courage for every person to exercise their full potential.

We embrace unconventional thought, connection, and playfulness in solving the root of what stands in our way.

We empower through experience driven design and creativity, delivered with warmth, kindness, and empathy.

In pursuit of our vision...





At RELENTUM our actions are rooted in these core values:

We encourage playfulness within our office and in all we do. We believe being playful keeps us young, creative, and open to innovative opportunities. 

Be Playful

We care for the wellbeing of our team, clients, and community. Giving back and serving without expectation is what drives our actions and offerings. 

Be Altruistic

We encourage individuality within our team and strive to think differently. Embracing the unconventional is how we craft solutions in growth toward our vision.  

Be Unconventional

Courage comes from our heart. It is how we hold true to our convictions and do what is right. We honor each other with truth, ideas, thoughts, and feedback. 

Be Courageous


Derek Bennington


Zach Dorman


Derek is a Founder of RELENTUM and leads the organization’s Creativity and Design Thinking Division. He is an expert in guiding innovation, delivering rapid solutions, and integrating Lean methodologies into client workflows. A charismatic speaker, published author, and serial entrepreneur, Derek has a reputation for providing comprehensive and relatable instruction to his clients.

As an avid mountain biker, you will often find Derek ripping the trails of Colorado and Utah.

Zach is a Founder of RELENTUM and leads the organization’s Human Development Division. He is an expert in shaping business culture, guiding people operations, and focusing alignment within client organizations. Zach is an energetic speaker (seriously), business coach, and educator. As former USAF officer and pilot, he has a robust and distinguished background in performance growth, leadership training, and root cause analysis.

As an Eagle Scout, Zach loves spending time in nature. From hiking and biking in the summer, to snowboarding in the winter, he can't get enough of all Colorado has to offer!

Regional Vice President

Jeremy Mabry

As Regional Vice President at RELENTUM, Jeremy is a leadership development architect and the director of the client training experience. A former military officer and pilot, Jeremy garnered a wealth of leadership and organizational development experience, before joining the RELENTUM team. Personable and engaging, he has a talent for guiding and helping clients build organizations that no one wants to leave.  

Jeremy seriously loves being active. You can usually find him on the slopes or down the fairway.

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